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ISORECEA conference: Religion on the Periphery

Olomouc, Czech Republic

Dear ISORECEA members and participants of the Olomouc conference,

thank you very much for your patience. Due to huge uncertainty related to the development of the COVID-19 pandemic, we decided to organize the Olomouc conference in the ONLINE format. We hope you will understand and we promise we will do our best to make the event attractive.

The new date of the conference is April 15-17, 2021. Program of the conference will be published on January 15, 2021.

We kindly ask all participants to re-register before December 5, 2020. All the abstracts not confirmed before this date will be removed from the program. We also encourage all current ISORECEA members (as of the end of October 2020) who did not submit their abstract for the 2020 conference, to do so before the same date.  Finally, we ask those who wish to cancel their participation to provide all the information needed for transferring the conference fee back to them before December 5, 2020.

Due to the change in the conference format, the conference fee is lowered by 50%. In order to know how to proceed, please read carefully all the information below.


1. Registration, re-registration and canceling participation

The deadline December 5, 2020 is for all who wish to participate in the 2021 conference.

It is also for those who wish to cancel their participation and receive their conference fee back – in this case, setting the deadline was necessary because of issues related to financial management. We hope you will understand.

All are asked to fill out the registration form (whether you register or cancel your participation, you will find relevant option in the form) 


2. Conference fees

In the registration form, you will find space for providing details of your bank account. After December 5, 2020, participants will receive the refund resulting from the 50% decrease of conference fee. Those who decide to cancel their participation will receive full refund after the same date.

Please note that we will transfer the exact amount of the 50% or 100% conference fee; costs of the transfer will be divided between ISORECEA and your bank, meaning the amount on your account will be slightly lower.

Members of ISORECEA who register for the first time are asked to pay conference fee by bank transfer or through the Paypal System. You will find details in the registration form.


3. ISORECEA Solidarity Fund

In the registration form, you will find another option: instead of reclaiming your money from conference fee, you may donate to the Solidarity Fund. The Fund will be used for supporting participants of future ISORECEA conferences.

Also, money from participants who do not fill out the registration form before December 5, 2020 (hence will fall out of the program) will automatically go to this fund.


4. Contact

If you have any questions:

– in issues related to the organization of the conference, please contact the Head of the Local Committee Tomas Bubik

– in issues related to finances and payments, please contact the ISORECEA Treasurer Branko Ancic


We are looking forward to seeing you at the conference!


Very best wishes and stay safe and healthy,

Dorota Hall, President of ISORECEA

Tomas Bubik, Head of the Local Committee

New update!

The Olomouc conference will be hosted in the ONLINE format.

The new date of the conference is April 15-17, 2021.

For more information please see the main page.

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779 00 Olomouc

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