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Accommodation & food

Recommended hotels and other accommodation options are listed below:

Luxury category 

Standard category

Low budget


Room availability, rates, and other hotel / hostel options can also be checked, for example, here.


Food (lunch recommendations)

There are many restaurants in Olomouc where you can get a good, fast and relatively cheap lunch. We recommend the following options, which are close to the conference venue:

Vegetarian restaurant


Travel information

(1) Travelling to Olomouc

The closest international airports are listed below, however, the majority of international visitors arrive at the airports in Prague or in Vienna.

We recommend those conference participants who are planning to fly to the Czech Republic to take a flight to Prague and take a train to Olomouc.


Travelling from Prague to Olomouc

The easiest way to get from Václav Havel Airport Prague (Letiště Václava Havla Praha) to Prague main railway station (Praha, hlavní nádraží) is to take the Airport Express bus, which stops right in front of the arrival hall at the airport and terminates at the main railway station.

Trains are currently the fastest way to get to Olomouc from Prague. The journey takes approximately 2,5 hours. You can choose between these companies:

Another good option is to take a bus to the Prague city centre and then change to the metro lines. Click here for more details.


Travelling from Brno to Olomouc

From the Brno airport you can easily get to Bus Station in the center (next to hotel Grand) of Brno by public bus, which stops right in front of departure terminal. There is several bus companies which can take you to Olomouc e.g.:

If you prefer to travel by trains the Main Railway Station is 200 meters far from the Bus Centre Station.


Travelling from Vienna to Olomouc

You have several options. For example:

  • a direct minibus (Vienna Airport – Olomouc main railway station) operated by Leo Express
  • a bus (Vienna Airport via Brno to Olomouc main railway station) operated by RegioJet
  • an express personal transport service run by Přeprava na letiště


(2) Travelling within Olomouc

You can use trams and busses to travel within Olomouc. See the following links for information about:

Tickets can be purchased from ticket machines at tram stops and bus stops, in City Public Transport (MHD) information centres / ticket offices and newsstands. Additionally, you can also purchase your ticket via mobile phone with a Czech number or directly from the driver, but a small surcharge applies. Please remember to validate your ticket upon boarding the bus or tram.


Important & useful places at Olomouc city centre:

Palacký University Conference Services
Biskupské náměstí 1
779 00 Olomouc

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